Stop Chuckin Toogs

What does this even mean?

Stop chuckin toogs? Stop nunchuckin tortogas (turtles).

This is an over exaggeration of what happens when you throw your plastic waste in the trash or litter. Because what happens when you throw your water bottle in the trash instead of the recycling bin? That water bottle goes to the landfill and just sits there. For THOUSANDS of years!!! But thats assuming the bottle even gets there. Guess what happens to that litter? That rain storm that came last week? Ya it carried that water bottle into the nearby creek, that led to the stream, that led to the river, that led to the.....OCEAN!!! So now your water bottle or whatever you threw out your car window cruising down the highway at 80+ mph is floating around our oceans, waiting for some marine life to try and eat it. So ultimately the decision to not recycle or litter, you might as well have just strolled on down to the beach and whacked a turtle with some nunchucks. Because thats basically what just happened.

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