Why are we doing this?

Our planet is covered in water. Roughly 97%. Thats alot right? Our oceans help regulate our climate, help absorb CO2, and provide the necassary landscape for countless species of animals and algae. We should be trying to protect our oceans but every day we pollute our oceans with millions and millions of pieces of plastic.

We have probably heard this on TV or something but are we actually taking to to heart? We feel that alot of the things we are told go in one ear and out the other unless that subject hits close to home and we have an emotional connection. So we want to try and build that emotional connection between our oceans and your mind. The ocean is more than just the place you sometimes visit for vacation with your family and friends. It is a lifestyle. It is a persons livelihood.

Together we can work as one to help save our oceans. But it has to be together. Separate we might think we are helpless and useless, but if eveyone just chips in a little, we can make a huge difference. We want to help raise awareness and make caring for our environment cool. You don't have to drastically change your lifestyle or shame others, just be aware of the changes that are happening. And help spread that awareness to other.

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